Cayucos Events: Re-Opening of Cayucos Pier and Makana Concert 10-31-15

After a long wait, it was finally time for the beloved Cayucos Pier to re-open on Halloween 2015. On the Central Coast of California, the weather is usually still good at the end of October. It was a beautiful sunny day and I’m happy my family and I went for the special event.

It was wonderful to see people walking on the pier again!



As far as the beach crowd, it wasn’t much more busy than usual. Families and couples were out enjoying the sunshine and waves.


Hawaiian musician Makana made a another appearance in Cayucos; he was here for a Save the Pier fundraiser in November 2013 as well. Last time, he played in front of the pier. This time, he was set up near Ruddell’s Smokehouse, at the corner of D Street and Ocean Front Avenue.


It’s funny because, as we were getting to Cayucos, I was telling my family I was happy to see Makana again. I didn’t know much about him but really enjoyed the few songs he played last time. My husband asked what kind of music he played and, after thinking for a bit, I said, “He’s kind of like James Taylor but with a Hawaiian twist.” And then he sang a James Taylor song, which I’d never heard him do before.

During the break, I walked up to the stage and got some closer shots. {I love that Makana performed barefoot. He’s our kinda’ people}.


I was hoping for a chance to speak with him and say “thank you” for blessing Cayucos not once but twice with his music and support. But he was talking to this gentleman for a while and I gave up 🙂 I was happy to see that the table with his CDs for sale was being swarmed at the time.


You can tell Makana really loves playing, even getting down on his knees during one instrumental song. He played the same song the first time I saw him but I can’t track down the name of it online. It’s haunting though. Absolutely beautiful. If you haven’t checked out his music, I urge you to!



After watching Makana play for a while, I wandered over to check out the food and drink. There was a variety of choices, from pizza by the slice, barbecue, salads, burgers, sodas, beer, wine, etc. I stopped to get some French fries at the Pieman Pies booth and got to chatting with the nice people there.

It turns out it was the owner and his fiance; I know this because I admired her beautiful engagement ring. He did GOOD! She was sweet to share some mini pies – chocolate and pumpkin – that I could take back to the kids and their friend who was with us and they loved ’em. Alas, the seagulls got to my fries before I did, LOL. So I can’t give a review on those.

We settled in north of the pier where the waves tend to be a little better for the kids to boogie board and they’re out of the way of the surfers. I took a walk north to get more photos as the sun started to set.


These are looking back toward town, with the Cayucos Vet’s Hall on the middle right of this photo.





To end the day, we took a walk on the pier – ya’ know, to say we did 🙂 It was a historic day.